Pan fried breast of Pheasant, sautéed sprouts, sticky red cabbage, braised thyme barley, raisin port wine jus



2 Whole Pheasants

300g large sprouts

¼ red cabbage

200g Pearl Barley

4 Pieces garlic

50ml Pomace oil

100g Butter

100g brown sugar

100g redcurrant jelly

1 bunch Thyme

200ml Orange juice

50ml Port

400ml Game stock

50g raisins

1 Small onion

Baby watercress

Salt & pepper to season



Bone out the pheasant breasts warm up a sauté pan crush the garlic place in the pan with some oil the seal off the pheasant breast put in a medium oven and cook through allow to rest

Finely slice the red cabbage sauté off in a pan add the orange juice, brown sugar, redcurrant jelly and cook slowly until soft and sticky

Prepared the sprouts cook in boiling water refresh in cold water then slice into three put some butter in a pan and sauté off and season

Finely dice the onion sweat off in a pan with the pearl barley add a sprig of thyme and cover with half of the stock cook until soft add some cream and season

Remove the pheasant breasts from the pan deglaze with the port add the stock and raisins and reduce to a sauce consistency.

To serve place the barley and red cabbage onto the plate arrange the sprouts slice the pheasant place on top pour the sauce around and garnish with watercress