Sauteéd scallops and black pudding


Sautéed Scallops, spinach puree, black pudding, crispy bacon dressing



12 Large scallops

200g Frozen spinach

200g Black pudding

6 Rashers smoked streaky bacon

100ml Double cream

50g Butter

50ml White wine vinegar

150ml Extra Virgin olive oil

1 Tsp Coarse grain mustard

1 Large orange

100g Wild rocket

Salt & pepper season to taste



Place the spinach, butter in a pan slowly heat up then add cream and season place in a blender and blitz until a puree

Put a sauté pan on the heat get hot add some oil place the scallops into the pan season and cook evenly by turning them make sure that they have a nice brown colour cut the orange in half and squeeze it over the scallops remove and allow to rest on kitchen paper towel

Finely dice the bacon and sauté in a hot pan until crispy add the white wine vinegar, olive oil and grain mustard allow to cool

Slice the black pudding and gently grill

To serve pull a spoonful of spinach puree down the plate, place the scallops on top arrange the black pudding drizzle the dressing over the scallops garnish with rocket.