Choosing the Right Stove

What are the key factors in choosing your stove?

We do get asked very often which is the best stove, but we say there is no such thing as the best stove, it is about which is the best stove for YOU.

Think about these following things before you look for a stove

Are you looking for a stove to use as a room heater only or do you want a boiler for domestic hot water and/or full central heating?
Do you have a chimney in the room?
How old is the house?
Are the windows double glazed?
How many windows, doors, external walls?
How big is the room its going on?
Is it open plan?
What is there now?
Is it a brand new installation or a replacement?
Are there radiators in the same room?
The answers to all the above will help us establish the correct output of stove and type. Now we go on to the style of stove you prefer

Delicate question – but what is your budget? Stoves vary in price from £350 to £10,000 with the most popular sellers costing about £700-£1,500. Bear in mind that however much you spend on the appliance, the liner or flue system can cost anything between £500 and £2,500 on top of the purchase price of the stove.

What sort of look do you want? We have traditional, cottage style, sleek, modern, one door, two door, canopy, flat top, large glass area, enameled, coloured, plain, tall, large. Think about where it has got to go. If you have a big inglenook that needs filling then there’s no point choosing a physically small stove with a flat top as it wouldn’t look right.

The new Eco design regulations coming into force in 2022 mean that all stoves have to comply with strict new standards, check out our SIA article for full details.

Next we go on to the practicalities of the appliance

How often will you use it? Every day, just in the evenings, weekends only, only high days and holidays? Do you expect it to stay in overnight/all the time 24/7?

Do you want to burn wood only or smokeless fuel as well? Multi fuel burners should not be used to burn household coal. Have you got space to store wood? We can supply a lovely range of bespoke log stores if needed, and these can be made to any size you require.

Have you got your own supply of logs or will you be buying in? Small stoves need small logs so think about the size of logs you want to burn. Our recommended log suppliers can deliver pre-cut seasoned logs to your specified size.

Wood logs are only meant to burn for 1.5-2 hours, adding little and often is the best way to burn wood, just think about the realities of running a stove. Coal will last longer, so if you want to leave it for longer periods unattended then choose a multi-fuel burner.

Quite a few stoves we sell are for holiday cottages or rented properties, think about cost of spares and replacement parts if you, as a landlord, are responsible. Go for a stove that is simple to use and with fewer moving parts.

As you can see there is a lot to think about. Once we have the answers to these questions we can then start answering yours.

We have all the answers to your FAQ’s so come in and see us