Bharat Petroleum Dealership Agreement

… Bharat Patroleum Corporation Ltd. Hearing Date 25.07.2012 Decision Date 25.07.2012 Facts: – Heard Today of 25.07.2012. BPCL is represented by Shri B.P. Singh, GM (marketing… 15.3.2011, the applicant had requested the following information:- 2. Xerox copy of the dtd agreement. November 8, 1982 between BPCL and S.S. Gill…. 3.

Xerox copy of Gill`s Motor Spirit/HSD dealership contract on 13.02.1976 for Shri Narayan Singh Gill. 3. The CPIO had refused… …, BPCL terminated the distributor`s license of the respondent company`s outlet 1 and directed the restoration of its reseller. The complainant`s request for reconsideration in this regard was…, U.P. Originally, the distributor`s licence was granted with an agreement of 24.7.1975. 3.C is the case of BPCL that, on 22-8-2005, a routine inspection of the aforementioned OR was carried out by a team…. 6. On 09.07.2005, BPCL filed a complaint against the respondents, stating why there is no need to act against them, including the termination of the distributor. The interviewees put their… It`s proof of dismissal. The petition was rejected by the High Court on the grounds that the relationship between the parties was contractual and that the sales contract was a…

A.C Lahoti, J.- Let yourself be granted. 2. By an agreement of 31 March 1994 between Indian Oil Corporation Limited and the applicants… It`s a matter of controversy. The complainants received a termination order of 6-9/2000 which terminated the home of the plaintiffs` merchants, without prejudice to it. In the previous part of the communication, there is a… In the case of a company “A” / “CC” website ROs, a fee on kilo-letter will be claimed by the dealer. Currently, Rs. 48 per kilo of letter for MS (Petrol) and Rs.

41 per kilo of letter for HSD (diesel). Applicants must apply for the use of the BPCL retail in a prescribed format. Application format for BPCL retailers are attached to this document: … granted with the distributor license of several oil companies active in the sale of gasoline-based products in retail stores, which are in fact called “gas stations.” An agreement is… Unconstitutional and illegal, and as such, the guidelines would not engage the suitors, since such guidelines are formulated unilaterally and contrary to the terms of the concession agreement and… the right to adopt from time to time guidelines on dealer agreements and distributors are required to comply with marketing discipline guidelines adopted from time to time. That`s why they`re… information contained in the excerpts. 8.

Following the announcement of the control decision, the applicant introduced a new form of concessionaire agreement (e.g. 1).