Child Custody Agreement Enforcement

I don`t know the safe details about the comment you also posted, but let me you and anyone answering a few questions and honestly I try not to argue, I just want to know how people think these days. 1. Do you have a child or children, or a niece or nephew or a time for which you would be dying? 2. Would you accept that the child be brought or left in a place or environment that would harm them or cause them pain or sadness? 3. Do you want to be the child who was released from your care only to be beaten, yelled, ignored or perhaps killed by another individual hat that you have been told repeatedly that it was your mother or father? Think about it. Even if the accusations may not even be true, there is a thought that must emerge, that takes up your mind and body, that makes you say, oh my Gosch, I did the right thing by letting my child go. If something happened to that child that you let go of with that thought in your K in your head, would you be able to live with you?? A real parent feels these emotions and bought them. If a man or woman abuses his current colleague or ex-colleague or spouse, why would that person not abuse the child who is not half of that other person? The chhsnce is always there is real come on now be honest, it is ok to agree and contradict. I have nothing but honesty from people like you. The same problemMeine girl 16 yo, the last time I had the visit was when she was 12 years old. Your mother refuses to give me her address, so I have no idea where the child is. That is why I cannot exercise my judicially ordered period of instruction.

I finally had a happy break my ex went for an increase in child care, so she had to give her address. As I often contacted, ask if they had an updated address, they sent me their current address. I sent a letter containing a copy of the court order, in which I expressed my intention to exercise my rights. Two weeks after it was my court weekend and I went to their rental house at the court ordered the time and date. My ex had taken my child and this time she did not update her address with THE DAY. I need help I have no idea where to turn, it`s like a ghost. No property in her name, no house phone in her name, no utilities in her name nothing I can not find her because she has nothing! Amy. And all suggestions are welcome I have hired two lawyers in the last four years and they all say the same thing and it can be forced. God, my child will be an adult who thinks I don`t like him enough until it`s over. If you file your lawsuit, Texas Family Code Chapter 157.002 request to include the application: I have the opposite problem, I am the mother and parent, but my sons father and grandmother have taken my son and do not let me see or talk with him. I did everything in my power to make this arrangement work, including his father`s resignation from paying child benefit to help him, and letting him see his son whenever he wanted. One day, my grandmother sons (Dad`s mother) went to pick up my son, laughed at me because I needed a temporary walker because of an illness and months in the hospital, then I insulted him in front of my son, then she took my crying son and left my house.

A few days later, they announced that they would not give me my son back or let him see him, and that they would continue to hold my son in a house that his father shared with his mother and that my son had to sleep on the couch or in bed with his grandmother.