Financial Responsibility Agreement Gatech

The Financial Responsibility Agreement states that Georgia Southern University will provide your 1098-T electronically. This agreement is presented to students when they register on your MyGeorgiaSouthern portal and requires an electronic signature in exchange for the opportunity to register for courses. The Financial Responsibility Agreement is a legally binding agreement. The provision of courses and programs is limited to members of the client group and their relatives, unless agreement is reached between the institution and the client so that members or non-employees cannot enrol in courses or programs on an available basis. Participating students must meet the minimum university admission requirements. The agreed fee between the institution and the customer is charged to the customer on the basis of seating, per student or by agreement (package) which must be deducted and deducted from one of the following types: If you have a “BA” (Financial Rep). Agreement) on your account, you can delete them yourself. In the Registration menu, select “Financial Responsibility Agreement,” read the agreement, enter your initials, and click “Send.” Successful completion of this task erases the possession of your account and allows you to continue with the registration. In all cases, the collection of tuition fees and other tuition fees must be in accordance with Directive 7.3.3, Tuition and Fee Payment and Deferral. The USG Clerk or CFO may require USG institutes to report on these agreements. The new spring semester of 2020 is the Georgia Board of Regents` Student Financial Responsibility Agreement.

The purpose of the student Financial Responsibility Agreement is to ensure that students understand their financial obligations to Georgia`s university system when enrolling in teaching. For more information on this agreement, please visit USG institutions may enter into agreements with defined “customers” such as companies, organizations, agencies or other legal entities to provide courses and credit programs.