Memorandum Agreement Ojt

Once a student has spent their OJT hours, the university must perform a post-training verification and assessment of the tasks performed by the student, the overall program, and the HTE. Mariano believes, however, that the new CHED protocol does not affect her department`s recruitment processes. However, he shares the same sentiments as Piocos and says that “the new process seems more complicated because draft treaties are longer and more cumbersome, some of which can be negotiated and treaties need to be notarized.” He also points out that students must always provide “institutional” primary MOAs themselves, which he believes should rather be the primary responsibility of the university, college or its respective departments. David explains how the office processes the necessary forms. The Bureau first prepares model MOAs signed by the various parties. David then evaluates the duration of the internship to determine the signatory; A one-year internship requires the signature of the dean of the college, while two years or more requires the signature of the vice-chancellor for academics. Once completed, the initial verification form and the final verification form will be attached to the completed MOAs and sent to the ULT for two further revision cycles. Once approved, the student can claim their MOA and have it signed by the partner company. The form is then returned to the ULC for the final group of signatories. The coordinator of the Atty internships.

Mike David reveals that the university received the ched dissertation as early as the end of January. The OULC then developed guidelines and templates for the necessary procedures. Dr.