Mnvfc Provider Agreement

States are also required to follow the recommendations contained in the results of an EPSDT screening to ensure that children and families receive the services they need to solve or improve health problems. It is important that providers notify all recommendations regarding full requests for C-TT health visits using one of the required four HIPC recommendation codes. DHS provides these recommendation codes via a secure data system. C-TC staff provide communication and assistance services to families of children under the age of 11 who require additional assessment, diagnosis and treatment for a situation identified during the C-TC screening visit. You`ll find more information in the Fact Sheet referral code sheet that is HIPAAA compliant. If a supplier has a CLIA-certified laboratory on site and laboratory services are provided on site, the CPT code for the laboratory service may be included in the C-TC visit request. The payment for laboratory services is in addition to the C-TC bundled rate. If a provider transfers patients off-site to a C-TC-certified laboratory for laboratory tests or screening tests that are required or part of a C-TC health visit, external laboratory bills will be charged for laboratory tests and not for the provider. This laboratory test is not included in the indication of the C-TC health visit.

A reference for C-TC reporting indicates that the child needs to be re-examined for further assessment; Diagnosing or treating a problem or a concern identified during C-TC screening. The transfer can be made to the screening provider or another provider. In some situations, it is not possible or appropriate to require C-TC providers to carry certain components of C-TC screening in accordance with the schedule of age-related screening standards. In accordance with the recommendations of the Administrative Uniformity Committee (AUC), you must use the billing guidelines for situations listed in the “Request Directive” table if you are unable to perform screening components or if a first screening is not appropriate. National law requires all providers who administer pediatric vaccines registered by MHCP to enroll in the Minnesota Children`s Vaccines Program (CFMS). MDH manages the MnVFC for MHCP members between the ages of 1 and 18 to make most pediatric vaccines available free of charge to participating providers. Suppliers must receive vaccines via MnVFC whenever they are available. If no laboratory service has been required during a C-TC visit, do not accept it in the C-TC visitation fee. Includes in the medical record documentation containing the date and results of an examination or laboratory test required by the C-TC supplier or any other supplier in the required age range.

Screening for maternal depression is covered by a C-TT service or other pediatric visits.