Nhs Framework Agreement

The Car Park Design, Build, Finance and Operate (CPMI) Framework offers a full range of services related to the design and construction of public sector parking spaces. This framework has a savings potential of 5%. Currently, there are 1245 accredited organizations [38 KB] that have access to the portfolio of framework agreements and, as such, can use each NHS SBS framework agreement whenever necessary. Look at the NHS SBS [229KB] approval list. The framework for energy advisory services includes the provision of OJEU-compliant advisory services to the reduction, facility and capital team market. The framework covers a wide range of specialisations and uses both SMEs and domestic suppliers. This framework offers a potential savings of 5%. The Insourcing of Clinical Services Framework supports the use of insurcization throughout the NHS to ensure additional clinical capacity to meet the growing demand. This short- to medium-term solution allows trusts to maintain capacity planning in-house and ensure that patients can be seen within the trust. This framework offers up to 20% savings compared to tariffs. The drug management system provides access to a computerized system to improve the efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness of prescribing drugs. This framework offers potential savings of 24%. In order to provide our clients and suppliers with the best possible service during the COVID-19 pandemic and to support compliance with the firm`s purchasing policy advisories, we have reviewed many of our framework agreements and, where appropriate, made changes.

Visit the NHS SBS Framework Agreements – COVID-19 Update The framework for digital dictation, voice recognition and outsourced transcription is available free of charge to all public sector organizations and offers a consistent way to obtain a wide range of digital transcription solutions and services. These include digital diktats, voice recognition and outsourced transcription services. The framework optimizes the document management process and can enable seamless integration with existing IT systems across the NHS and the wider public sector. The Park Park management and Infrastructure (CPMI) car framework provides the NHS and the public sector with a comprehensive solution for all parking needs; from construction to complete management, ANPR, barrier and more. This framework has a savings potential of 5%. The Medical Gases in Cylinders and Bulk Gases Framework provides NHS SBS customers with a competitive framework for the purchase of cylinders containing a variety of medical gases. The framework for respiratory therapy – appliances and consumables provides services for; sleep apnea asthma and COPD assistance; smoking cessation To support respiratory therapy, the provision of managed services and home delivery. This framework offers a potential savings of 6%.

The framework agreement is available, but not only for all public sector organizations that may also revoke contracts under the Framework Agreement: National Health Service (NHS) Bodies, including hospital trusts, which in turn include acute trusts, municipal hospitals and the functions of Commissioning Groups clinical providers; Ambulance Trusts; Mental Health Trusts; Public Health, NHS Foundation Trusts, NHS England and other NHS constituent institutions in Wales.