Serbia Israel Agreement

The Trump administration is gaining remarkable momentum on foreign and diplomatic policy fronts. Washington announced the agreement between Serbia and Kosovo just 22 days after the announcement of the revolutionary agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and a normalization agreement was announced between Israel and Bahrain shortly after the Kosovo Serb news. The signing ceremony as an opportunity to consolidate his image as a “deal maker” on the eve of the presidential election, Trump called the agreement a “great breakthrough” in the tumultuous relations between the two former Yugoslavs. THE EU-backed negotiations, which the Europeans say are the only way to satisfy their hopes of accession, began in March 2011 and produced more than a dozen agreements, but most of them were not respected. Trump`s standardization agreement calls for stronger economic cooperation between Kosovo and Serbia, particularly in the areas of transportation and infrastructure. It also calls on both countries to step up their work on missing persons, refugees and displaced persons from the Kosovo war of the 1990s. Social media has been the subject of fierce speculation that the Serbian head of state did not know what he had just said, but in the meantime he has made it clear that he is well aware of the content of the agreement. Nevertheless, the agreement does not bring about significant political changes. Belgrade still refuses to recognize the independence of Kosovo, which is predominantly Albanian, and says it is part of Serbia. This status quo is not disputed in Trump`s agreement.

With this agreement, Serbia agrees to suspend its campaign to withdraw from Kosovo by other states, but only for one year. In return, Kosovo agrees not to apply for membership in international organizations. This makes it difficult for Kosovo to continue its integration into the international community. Since its independence, Pristina`s international isolation has been one of the main problems facing the country. The agreement, to be signed at a White House ceremony in the coming weeks, would be Israel`s first agreement with a Gulf nation. Video recordings of a signing ceremony showed Vucic, sitting to Trump`s right, as he flipped through the agreement he had just signed. Then he looks right – apparently on a standing assistant – and he touches his forehead in a semblance of amusement, before smoothing his hair. Under the new agreement, the two former Yugoslav states will be the first European countries to have embassies in Jerusalem. The decision has been criticised by the European Union. It is not clear how Mr.

Trump has pushed the two Balkan countries to take such measures. Its leaders were at the White House to sign an economic agreement negotiated by the Americans, much to the chagrin of the EU which, separately, tries to convince the enemies to settle with each other (Serbia does not recognize Kosovo`s independence). Officials hope the economic agreement will boost foreign investment in both countries and possibly lead to warmer relations. They appeared to downplay Friday`s announcement by saying that “the documents recently adopted in Washington, D.C, which build on previous dialogue commitments by both sides, could make a useful contribution to a comprehensive and legally binding agreement on the normalization of relations.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the agreement and said, “I thank my friend, the President of Serbia, for the decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and to move its embassy there,” and thanked President Trump for his contribution to the implementation of the agreement.