South Australian Government Wages Parity (Salaried) Enterprise Agreement 2014

The review report identifies and examines issues related to the implementation of the new staff and agency redeployment rules covered by the South Australian Public Sector Parity Enterprise Agreement: Salaried 2014, based on feedback from a number of sources. Then there are the enterprise agreements. Enterprise agreements are agreements made collectively between all employees and the employer. You ensure better and additional requirements on what your price offers. In particular, they generally set a higher base salary. The most likely enterprise agreement applicable to you is SA Government Wages Parity (Salaried) 2014. But you have to read it carefully to see if it applies to you, because it is not. For example, nurses and midwives have their own enterprise agreement, the Nursing/Midwifery (South Australian Public Sector) 2013. All potentially relevant business agreements are available here, while a list of common agreements for public sector companies can be found here.

Unfortunately, for public service employees, it is not just a law or a distinction that defines all your rights. Instead, there is a very confusing network of laws, distinctions, business agreements and many other documents and instruments and provisions. It can be difficult to develop your work rights at the best of times, but if you are a public sector employee in SA, it is particularly difficult. . Presentation – Centacare Cairns Enterprise Agreement 2009 (PDF) Candidates describing applications in response (Annex 3.1, 3.2, 3.3) (PDF) Deposit in response to NSW Government (Minister of Finance and Services) Final Deposit (PDF) If you receive, submissions in case of the same remuneration will be published on this page. . The most important statutes are the SA Fair Work Act 1994 and the Public Sector Act 2009. The SA Fair Work Act defines South Australian labour laws. Don`t confuse it with the Commonwealth Fair Work Act 2009, which establishes federal labour laws. The Commissioner for Public Sector Employment provided an overview of changes to Commissioner 7`s appointment: management of surplus workers – redeployment, retraining and redundancy (disposition 7).

Filing – Victorian Public Service Agreement 2006 (PDF) Deposit – DVA Collective Agreement 2009 – 2011 (PDF) Then there are many other laws that can apply to your specific part of the public service depending on the job. For example, if you are a teacher, certain provisions of the Education Act 1972 (SA) have an impact on your labour rights, while if you are a doctor, the 2008 Health Care Act (SA) will be relevant. There are also other laws that could sometimes be relevant, such as the Ombudsman Act 1972 (SA), the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act 2012 (SA) and the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993 (SA). Catholic Social Services Australia and Catholic Commission for Employment Relations Federation of Community Legal Centres (Victoria) Inc.