The Blood Agreement

The description of the Eid ceremony reflects the political and social changes during Anonymus` lifetime. The growing power of the nobles and their need to codify their rights culminated in the publication of the Golden Bull of 1222. Several historians have concluded that Anonymus` intention, in the minutes of this agreement, was to express the social changes during his own period and to support the struggle for the rights of the nobility as a kind of historical justification. According to historian István Nemeskürty, “the goal of Magister P. (Anonymus) is to justify the rights and claims of the Hungarian nobility of the thirteenth century and to create a line that goes back to conquest for all his friends and family. Although Anonymus points out that his works are based on written sources, he wanted to create a literary work in the style of his time. [4] However, the terms of the pact did not prevent Dumbledore from defeating Grindelwald many years later, in 1945. It is unclear what the consequence of breaking the pact should be and how they managed to circumvent it if they had actually managed to destroy the blood pact by then. The Blood Oath (Hungarian: vérszerződés, lit. “blood”) was, according to tradition, a pact between the leaders of the seven Hungarian tribes, traditionally considered the first unwritten constitution of the Hungarian nation. Its history, as well as the terms agreed therein, are best known from the somewhat unreliable Gesta Hungarorum, a chronicle written between 1196 and 1203 and therefore perhaps by the laws and customs of the twelfth century.

The 10th century is influenced. The oath was sealed by the seven rulers – Álmos, Előd, Ond, Kond, Tas, Huba and Töhötöm – by cutting off their arms and leaving their blood in a cup. Becoming blood brothers is probably traditionally used to seal exceptionally strong oaths, and there must have been several similar oaths, but the phrase “hematoid” normally refers to that of the seven rulers. According to contemporary sources, similar hematosis was common among nomadic peoples similar to the Hungarians to those of the Scythians. Newt gives Dumbledore to his blood pact follower in Hogwarts blood pact Type of magical contract action Creates a magical bond between two people by sharing blood [source] A blood pact (invocation unknown) is a kind of magically binding agreement between two parties who share their blood. It could be done by cutting off their hands with their magic wands, intertwining them and taking the oath. Two incandescent drops of blood would rise from their palms and mix into one. .