Thesis Agreement

In addition to writing their thesis, PhD students must obtain diplomas (for example. B through seminars, conferences, etc.). The amount of credits to be earned is determined by the respective school curricula. The doctoral student and the tutor determine, in the thesis agreement, how to obtain these credits. PhD students are also encouraged to take transferable skills training courses and other scientific qualifications (for example). B through presentations at conferences). The courses should be chosen in such a way as to best match a Doctoral student`s research project and his or her planned professional careers. The thesis agreement will be concluded after a positive presentation to the faculty. The progress of the thesis project is recorded in the annual annexes of the agreement. In SharePoint, you will find a form in which you can complete your contract with the master`s or the main work, as well as a standard agreement to work on a master`s thesis carried out in collaboration with an organization if necessary.

NTNU releases a new version of the system on November 10, 2020. Choose below the user guide that corresponds to your needs: the master`s agreement is an agreement between the student, the tutor and the department that governs the board, the nature or theme of the work, the scope, the character and the responsibilities. The master`s degree and the work on the master`s thesis themselves are governed by the Universitets- og h`gskoleloven, the academic regulations of the NTNU and the current curriculum for studies. Complete an agreement on writing a graduation thesis – will be devild November 10, 2020 The master`s agreement is approved by the approval of the agreement while logging into Feide. This link will provide you with information about using Feide. Information on the filling of the master`s contract in SharePoint and the “standard employment contract on a master`s thesis carried out in collaboration with an organization”. You can answer “yes” to this question in the system and fill in the information that leads to a cooperation agreement with the company or organization concerned. It is approved by you, the supervisor and the NTNU, by them, the supervisor. The signature of the company or organization outside NTNU must be backed up outside the system.

You will receive an email if the agreement is ready to be signed (after NTNU authorizations have been digitally requested) This field is used to calculate the time it takes students to submit to an MsC technology degree. They are invited to include wollowing information in the agreement. The X is there because it does not receive the same addition in days for all programs of study. Ask your department if you are unsure of your filing date. The Doctoral student, tutor and university sign an agreement that includes the following: Image: This image explains the data flow for digital approval of master`s contracts If you have followed the link, select “New Agreement”. Below is information on filling out the form. This information is provided in the form itself under the information buttons next to the fields.