What Agreement Did Miguel Make With Hector

In mid-1940, he went on tour with his childhood friend Ernesto de la Cruz. When they toured together, Héctor wrote the songs and Ernesto sang them. During the tour, Héctor began to feel homeslid and came to Imelda`s mindset and decided to return home to his family. When he told Ernesto, they had an argument where Ernesto begged him to stay because he needed his songs, but Héctor was impassive. Ernesto apparently accepted his friend`s decision and offered to have him shot with a toast in which he said he would move heaven and earth for his amigo. On the way to the station, Héctor suddenly collapsed and died while Ernesto had previously added poison to his toast. Starting with the Magic Happens Parade at Disneyland in 2020, he made his first appearance.