What Agreement Did Miguel Make with Hector

When Héctor comforts a wounded Miguel (devastated by Ernesto`s betrayal and his own decision to leave his family), he begins to fade. Héctor explains that this is because his daughter, the reason he tried to cross the bridge, forgets her and complains about his daughter Coco. When Miguel hears this name, he shows him a family photo of the young Coco and Imelda, the great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother of the boy. Héctor, shocked, familiar with the torn image, confirms that he is the faceless man holding the guitar, not Ernesto. He then explains that he wrote “Remember Me” out of love for Coco and sang it in a sincere tone. After that, Héctor shamefully believes that he is a sad example of an ancestor, but Miguel cheers him up by explaining that he has always felt different in the family, but now knows that it comes from Héctor, his true great-great-grandfather. They rejoice in the unveiling of their heritage and their pride in being a family. Although it seems that they remain trapped in the cenote; At this second, they are discovered by Dante and saved by Imelda and Pepita. Héctor timidly greets his wife, whose joy of finding Miguel becomes bitter at his sight, and comments on his appearance before he is forced to cling to Pepita`s tail on the flight back to the other Riveras for the high cost of living (or lack thereof). Shaken by the experience, Héctor offers to help Imelda de Pepita, but is swept away. After Imelda kisses Miguel, she chews Héctor because she believes he put the boy in danger in the first place. Miguel vouches for Héctor by taking the blame and explaining that Ernesto killed Héctor when he tried to return home.

Although stunned by this news, she is still angry until Héctor begins to fade again because of the decline in her daughter`s memory. Imelda gives in and she, Héctor Miguel and the other Riveras plan to recover Héctor`s photo before he is lost forever. Certainly, animated films, and Pixar films in particular, have never hesitated to depict death, even violent death. Finds Nemo begins with the death of the main character`s mother by a vicious predator. Up is known to include Ellie`s tragic death. The two sequels to Cars are about the death of Doc Hudson and therefore also about actor Paul Newman. 2: Miguel goes on to tell (V.O.) how an embittered but resilient Mamá Imelda provided COCO by learning how to make SHOES; Flashback vignettes about how she taught Coco how to make shoes; how Coco got married and how her raised family of grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren happily made shoes. “The music had torn [Mamá Imelda`s] family apart, but the shoes held them all together.” Although he is often passive and evasive of conflicts in relation to Imelda, Héctor would defend himself if he was deeply betrayed or if his family was at stake. His state of weakness did not hold him back in a fight with Ernesto after he discovered that he had forced him to stay separated from his loved ones or assert himself with the security guards to save Miguel`s life and the deterioration of Coco`s memory and save Miguel d`Ernesto again.

While resenting Ernesto for taking the credits of his music (which later became hateful after discovering his betrayal), Héctor Miguel showed no ill will when believed to be the descendant of a deceitful musician; Love the boy during their time together and comfort him when his supposed great-great-grandfather turned against him. After being separated for nearly a century, Héctor finds his daughter in the land of the dead. Young Ernesto: [grabs his suitcase] I can`t do this without your songs, Héctor! The Rivera family makes shoes in their SHOP – without music. Héctor appears for the first time while trying to enter the land of the living disguised as Frida Kahlo. The agent quickly checks if he is not recognized on his family`s ofrenda, which leads Héctor to leave. But his hopes are in vain when he ends up sinking into the worry sheets and is arrested. At Grand Central, Héctor is left with a warning from the officer and his request to retrieve his costume is refused. After leaving and angrily crumpling his warning, Héctor meets a living boy named Miguel, who, after hearing that Héctor knows Ernesto de la Cruz, asks Héctor to take him to Ernesto to receive Ernesto`s blessing so that Miguel can return home. Héctor tells him that he will bring him to de la Cruz when Miguel places the portrait of Héctor on an ofrenda so that he can walk, which Miguel accepts. 96-97: Well, lest Miguel return to the living world and expose the heinous crime he had committed and ruin his reputation, DE LA CRUZ SAYS IN RETURN HIS BLESSING, HIDES HECTOR`S PHOTO IN HIS POCKET AND MAKES MIGUEL THROW INTO A CHASM: “Success does not come in vain.

. . . You need to be willing to do whatever it takes to enjoy your moment. BUT THEN Mamá Imelda SINGS. Miguel stops dead in his footsteps – “I thought you hated music.” “I loved it.. But when we got Coco.. I wanted to put down roots. He wanted to play for the world. Each of us made a sacrifice to get what we wanted. Now you have to make a choice. Miguel: “But I don`t want to choose a side. Why can`t you be on MY side? That`s what the family should do – support you.

3–4: MELTED NOW IN THE OFRENDA FAMILY ROOM. There, on a beautiful altar, is a PHOTO of Mamá Imelda, baby Coco on his lap and great-great-grandfather, his face torn off. 7:. . . where a dog xolo barking and jumping without hair jumps – DANTE. Dante eagerly obeys Miguel`s orders (sit, roll, shake, bang his fist) and is rewarded with a sweet treat before falling back into the trash. What deal did Miguel make with Hector in Coco? 102-104: DANTE finds them and looks into the hole from above. with PEPITA and Mamá Imelda, who are all delighted until Imelda discovers Hector. BUT, moments later, they all fly out of the pit on Pepita and rise above the clouds. Dante is truly a “spirit guide” when neon lights stretch out on his paws, small wings grow and he flies! AGAINST THE BACKDROP OF FILM EXCERPTS depicting de la Cruz in his hay age, Miguel (V.O.) muse – Ernesto started as Nobody, just like me, but when he made music, people fell in love with him. Mamá Imelda blesses a petal of concern: “I give you my blessing to go home.

to put my photo back on the Ofrenda.. THEN ADDS: “AND NEVER PLAY MUSIC AGAIN! The petal of worry swells with light. Miguel is horrified by the latter. When Miguel takes the petal, “WHOOSH! It is consumed by a whirlwind of petals and disappears. 47-52: Strong of the family and the authorities, Miguel and Dante go in search of the great-great-grandfather of the Cruz: “If I want to become a musician, I need the blessing of a musician. Miguel meets the scammer HECTOR, who claims to have tickets for the SUNRISE SPECTACULAR SHOW de la Cruz in the front row so that he can introduce him to Miguel at a still unknown price. Miguel, Dante and Hector flee the dead Riveras, who continue to search for him. Meanwhile, Mamá Imelda calls for help from a JAGUAR TRACKER, PEPITA, to find Miguel. In Coco, we`re dealing with human characters, arguably the most human characters Pixar has ever brought to the big screen.

This, combined with the fact that Ernesto de la Cruz is portrayed heroically until the unveiling, makes the moment all the more shocking. Héctor: Look, I don`t want to argue about that. I just want you to do it right. Miguel can put my picture. 35-39: Crossing the Marigold Bridge, Miguel and Dante have miraculous encounters with deceased family members, fantastic creatures and fascinating inhabitants of MARIGOLD GRAND CENTRAL STATION, where the rules of the land of the dead are learned, and Miguel, a living boy, is a shocking novelty. As a ghost in the land of the dead, Héctor appears as a skeleton with yellow and rusty bones, without the bright golden, green and purple marks on his skull that have almost faded. His appearance was neglected overall – his black hair became more messy, while the rest of him was held together by things like tape and bandages on his right arm and left leg. He wears a straw hat on his head. He also wears a torn indigo formal jacket with a red tie and red black and white straps and light brown and torn black striped pants to show off his knee and skeletal feet, giving him the look that strongly recalls a crow of fear. He also gained a single golden tooth in his frontal teeth. 39-45: The Dead Riveras and Miguel head to a CROWDED REUNION FAMILY DEPARTMENT, where “clerks help travelers work on holiday snafus.” 21-22: Miguel with his guitar and Dante sneak through the roof of the house, in the town of SIDEWALK, but are forced to return to the house to avoid the family members. They meet in the FAMILY OFRENDA ROOM of Abuelita and her parents.

For those who ignore spoiler warnings, the big moment of twist comes in Coco when Miguel discovers that the great musician Ernesto de la Cruz, whom he idolizes and who he believes could actually be part of his family, has actually written all his great songs by someone else, the man named Hector, who befriends Miguel at the beginning of the film. Not only that, when Hector, who turned out to be Miguel`s great-great-grandfather, tried to leave the musical partnership to return to his family, Ernesto poisoned him, stole his songs and even his guitar. .