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Our Portfolio

Here at Derwas of Welshpool we can install a woodburning or multi-fuel stove just about anywhere, below are a few of the different ways we can install a stove and make sure that it’s all safe and secure. Feel free to take a look through our gallery of completed jobs so you can see what’s possible with your stove and how good it can look after it’s all finished.

Twin wall systems

Below are some examples of installations using our twin wall flue. Due to it’s low required distance to combustible materials, it can be used virtually anywhere to ensure you get your stove in just the right place.

Inset Stoves

Inset stoves are a fantastic combination of the older open fires and the efficiency and ease of use of modern stoves. This means that you can keep your existing surrounds and hearths whilst enjoying a nice, efficient stove just like everyone else.

Stainless Flexible Liner

This is our most common form of installation, where we drop a stainless flexible liner down an existing masonry chimney. This is much safter than just using an open chimney, reducing built ups in the flue, therefore reducing the chances of a chimney fire. Whilst making a stove easier to light and more efficient.

False Breast Construction

This is an option for people who want to have the traditional appearance of a stove in a chamber but lack an existing chimney breast. This is typically a metal (or wooden depending on the stove) stud work false breast concealing a twin wall chimney system behind, giving the traditional appearance on the outside whilst being modern, insulated and efficient.

Knock-out Chamber Construction

This option is for customers who currently have an old open fire or surround and would like it removing and a chamber creating in the existing chimney breast. This means instead of having an inset stove and being restricted on size and choice, you can have a larger, more efficient and overall better solid fuel stove.

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