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Stove Fans

Ever wonder how these marvellous things worked? Well, here’s how…

The motors on the fan are just like any normal small ones and are powered by a small electric charge, generated by a special pad positioned just beneath the motors. The pad generates a thermostatic charge from the heat generated by the stove, and how it works is relatively simple. There are two types of metal either side of the pad, one exposed to the direct heat of the stove and one cooled by the fans on the top. The temperature difference between the two strips creates a small thermostatic charge that powers the fans and helps to make your stove more efficient.


The power generated isn’t much, but it’s enough to power the motor or two that help to drive the heat into the room. Stove fans help to improve the efficiency of your stove by pushing the heat around the room, meaning you use less fuel to heat the same space and to help circulate the heat through your home during those cold winter months. With all this, and the fact that they don’t cost you anything to power, really do make them a wonderful thing and one of our must haves for any person looking to get the most out of their stove.

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